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"Bring joy to those who are important to you, with creative content that supports healthcare."

What We Do

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KARTEPOST is a creative content agency specializing in the healthcare science field. Our core clients are national medical/research institutions and pharmaceutical companies whose businesses span globally.

Having a partner you can trust is more important than the impact of content, in order to achieve differentiation with your creative content.

We believe that by allowing us to be of service, you will feel as though you have a design staff and an off site brain dedicated to you to assist you in your daily business.

We focus on the “Continued Expansion” of our clients as well as the “Love and Joy” which arise from our work.

We wish for you to enjoy our refined, high quality service that you will be able to utilize continuously, over content which is merely commonplace or following a fancy trend.

Our goal is to contribute to developments in healthcare along with our clients, and to create a rich society that will be realized as a result, as a creative content agency specialized in medicine, based on our motto: “Bring joy to those important to you with creative content that supports healthcare”.

Our Service

We support our clients according to their needs in a flexible manner. Our services include those in the digital realm, such as proxy operation of websites and SNS accounts, as well as providing advice, planning, and production for creative content such as logo designs, print media (posters, pamphlets, flyers), and videos.













We will serve clients regardless of the region or country that they are located in.

  • Foreign corporations that wish to expand their business in Japan
  • Domestic corporations that wish to expand their business overseas

Both of them may utilize our services.

Expand their business in Japan
Expanding their business in Japan
expand their business overseas
Expanding their business overseas

Inspiring Design

We provide attractive creative content suited to current trends based on designs which are simple and easily familiar while adhering to the tone and manner of the industry, that visualize ideals and impart inspiration and stimulation to viewers.

Inspiring Design

Our Past Works

Our Clients

The following is a list of some of our clients. Our core clients are those who are active in the medical field, such as universities, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, and NPO’s.

Universities and Research Institutions
The University of Tokyo
Tohoku University
Keio University
St. Luke’s International University
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Chuo University
RIKEN、Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
Union of Brain Science Associations in Japan
Japan Lung Cancer Society, a Specified NPO
Japan Health Policy Institute, a Specified NPO
Public Health Research Center Foundation
Medical Facilities/Nursing Care Facilities
National Cancer Center Hospital
University of Tokyo Hospital
Japan Dental University Hospital
Sophiamedi Corporation
Solasto Corporation
Pharmaceutical Companies
Sanofi K. K.
Eli Lilly Japan K. K.
Bayer Holding, Limited
Glaxo Smith Kline K. K
Teijin Pharma Limited
Insurance Companies
AXA General Insurance Company, Limited
American Home Assurance Company, Limited
Asahi Newspaper
Mainichi Broadcasting
S M S Company, Limited
Clinical Trial Company, Limited
Japan Convention Services, Incorporated

Company Profile

Address 249-0001
Kanagawa, Zushi, Hisagi 4-15-1
Established May 20, 2010
President Shingo Kushioka
  1. Planning, production, operation, and management of websites
  2. Operation of membership websites
  3. Various consulting dutie
  4. Planning, production, and operation of seminars and events
  5. Marketing support
  6. Advertising
  7. Information provision service
  8. Mail order
  9. All businesses associated with the foregoing
Contact Tel: +81 46-845-9430
Capital 10 million 1 hundred yen

Message From The President

Who are the “people who are important” to you? When the “people who are important” are on your mind, what do you feel, and what do you think?

Since our establishment, KARTEPOST has provided creative content specializing in the fields of healthcare and science.

The mission that our business is based on is “bring joy to those who are important to you, with creative content that supports healthcare”. We strive to provide superior creative content in the healthcare field, thereby contributing to the development of healthcare. Our hope is that through such development, a society in which our families, our friends, and we ourselves can feel enriched will become possible.

Our clients are wonderful organizations that persevere daily to improve healthcare with long range visions and wide fields of view, in order to realize a brighter world in the future

We conduct research related to creative content in various industries in order to meet our clients’ expectations. We constantly aim to be a superior business entity by organizing our daily lives, our thoughts, and lifestyles, to produce creative content having higher sensibility and to provide empathetic support to our clients. We believe that by doing so, we can genuinely pursue our mission to “bring joy to those who are important to you”.

Shingo Kushioka
Shingo Kushioka
Shingo Kushioka