Privacy policy

  1. With respect to personal information and the personal information of employees that KARTEPOST Inc. handles to conduct our business, we shall obtain, utilize, and provide such personal information in an appropriate manner. We shall not handle personal information beyond a scope necessary to achieve a specified utilization objective. In addition, we shall take appropriate measures to prevent utilization outside the scopes of utilization objectives.
  2. In the case that KARTEPOST Inc. will handle personal information beyond the scope of a specific utilization objective, we shall obtain consent from the party whose personal information we are to handle.
  3. KARTEPOST Inc. shall take human, physical, and technical security measures against unauthorized access, destruction, editing, loss, and leakage of personal information, and conduct prevention and corrections as necessary.
  4. KARTEPOST Inc. shall not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without consent. However, the above shall not apply to subcontractors who have entered into confidentiality agreements with KARTEPOST Inc., cases in which such disclosure is necessary to ensure security of human life or property and difficulty exists in obtaining consent, or cases in which disclosure and provision is required by law.
  5. Our website employs cookies and web beacons. However, our cookies and web beacons do not identify specific individuals.
  6. KARTEPOST Inc. shall expediently respond to complaints and consultations regarding personal information.